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Meeting 2020 update

English forum for our friends who dont speak or write german.

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Meeting 2020 update

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Hello Warrior friends,

I hope you and your loved ones have been spared by COVID-19. First of all from the illness itself but also from
all the negative side effects. Worries about work, financial worries, no meetings with friends, suddenly having
to teach the children themselves and not forgetting that some are no longer allowed to ride motorcycles.
This brings me back to what we all want: riding a motorcycle, preferably with the Warrior family.

I've been asked a lot lately about our annual meeting. So many motorcycle meetings and events have been
cancelled. Of course, there is the question of our meeting. That is why I am writing this newsletter to inform you
all about it: I have not given up on our meeting. I still plan that it will take place. The ride outs (Friday and Saturday)
are almost ready, the meeting patch and the t-shirt design too. At the special request of the ladies, I am currently
designing a shirt for the "Warrior-Ladies". There will also be something for our offspring, the "Warrior Kids". You
see the planning and preparations are in full swing.

But no one knows today whether we can really meet as usual. If we all abide the healthy guidelines and there is no
second wave of illnesses, I see chances that we can celebrate. That's why I keep on planning. We don't know
whether the boundaries will be open again by then. I truly hope that it will be a European Warrior Meeting and not
just a small German meeting. We have to wait and make the best of the situation.

So don't be afraid to register for the meeting. There are still free rooms. ... ng-01.html.

If the meeting does not take place or someone cannot attend, the deposit will of course be returned. No question.
You can also preorder T-shirts and patches without hesitation. We will not order them until we know for sure that
the meeting will take place. I assume that there will be a decision in early June. So save the date.

I wish you all the best and a lot of serenity in this difficult time.

1700 ccm!!! Das nenne ich mal männlich...
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