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Meeting 2021

English forum for our friends who dont speak or write german.

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Meeting 2021

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I hope you and your loved ones have made it through this crazy time so far. It is not very long until our annual meeting. Even if the pandemic doesn't let us celebrate as carefree as usual, we don't want to let the meeting be stolen this year. If the situation stays like this or improves, we can make it happen.
If the situation becomes worse, we will have to make a new decision.
There will be some restrictions, but it should be feasible and worth it. It is truly time for a reunion.
I ask you in the sense of the community to follow the rules. So that we can make the meeting a Corona free zone (as a virus and as a topic).
Until today 30 people have registered. If you have signed up but can't come, please let me know by 27. June 21 at the latest. Until then I can give the deposit back to you. In addition, I and the hotel need a planning security. If you have not registered yet, there are still rooms available!!!


This meeting will be something special. Not only because of the situation, but for the first time we start already on Thursday. Some will even arrive already on Tuesday. The plan is to make a trip on Friday as well as on Saturday. I still have to plan and clarify a few things in this regard. The destinations are also dependent on the current restrictions. Therefore I have nothing fixed yet. But there is always something to be found. If not we all ride with the bikes through the drive-in.
Like every year there are shirts and more in our store. If you haven't ordered a patch yet, but want one, you can order it in the registration or by e-mail.


Conditions (as of today):
You are already allowed to visit the outdoor restaurant of the hotel without a Corona antigen test, the indoor restaurant with the TVR rule (tested, vaccinated or recovered). The hotel can also perform antigen tests on site. Next Friday (18. June) new measures will be announced, if everything remains as it is, will be further reduced.

1700 ccm!!! Das nenne ich mal männlich...

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